We are so very sorry, but we are unable to pursue a claim on your behalf at this time

Declination of representation:  Unfortunately, we will not be able to represent you in this matter. While we am very sorry for your situation, and without providing any opinion with regard to the merits of any claim you may have, we do not believe we can properly prosecute your claim. Since we will not be representing you, please note that time limits may apply to any claim you may have against third parties. If you wish to proceed with your claim, it is important to act immediately. Failure to do so may bar your claim based upon time limits established by statutory law, court rules or case law. If your claim is barred based upon time limits, you will not be able to pursue any action to recover damages or other relief. Because we are not representing you, we have not researched and have not advised you regarding the application of time limits to any claims you may have. Again, we will not be representing you in this matter and will not be taking action on your behalf. Thank you for consideration of our firm. Managing Partner, Aaron Siri, and the team at Siri & Glimstad

We are sorry, again. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Malainy at 440-381-0338.